Crator Comes to Earth

When Crater came to earth he wanted to go to the beach. When he went he noticed that there was no water. So to calm him down he went on a killing rampage. He went back the time he got back which was about 8:30 there were blotches of sand missing. He came back the next day and everyone was dead… with traces of acid liquid. So he went to get some ice cream. He went back latter around 5:50 he realized that the birds could not do anything, he ran across the world to find out the entire universe was somehow being erased. Before he knew it he had been erased.

 A few years later he got drawn up again, but about two seconds later he got his leg bit off by a flying crocodile. So he calls on his good friend goblin to help him find out why there are flying crocodiles, and why the world is disappearing. Goblin found out that there were flying crocodiles because a little kid had taken over.  A little while later goblin was attacked by a flying crocodile came out of nowhere and ripped goblin to shreds but lucky for him, he can put himself back together. Right as he started putting two, and two together the crocodile came swooping down and ate goblin. He put himself back together inside the crocodile. He had to try and find out how to take control of the crocodiles mind. When he did he became the crocodiles figure.

Whenever someone sees him they run away in fright, then he gets sad. When he got inside the stomach, he found the missing parts of the beach he got so disgusted of what he had to do he barfed. Then he made the crocodile barf everything back up.

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