My First Race

On a Friday in October, I was getting ready for my first ever cross country race. I was walking to school wearing my orange shirt, my gym short, and my orange and white shoes. 1-3 period went really fast.soon it was the end of the day. I could smell the fresh cut grass when I got to the field at Lennox middle school. when I was running the race, which as boys and girls in the 6th grade, there was a boy behind me the entire time, and Andrea my team mate was behind him, and Nathalie my other team mate was behind her.when all the races were done the coach called out the names of the winners, there was me in first, Andrea in second, and Nathalie in last. for the seventh graders there was Mimi in first and that is all I really remember. when all the awards were done we went back to the school. Sean, my brother my mom and I went mom said that we were going out for a celebration dinner, so we went to the Havana Mania. I got a shrimp dish with what was supposed to beĀ  pineapple smoothie but turned out to be papaya. my brother got…well I’m not sure what he got, I only know that he got my pineapple smoothie, so I was sad. so we went back home and watched t.v, but before I knew it I was out cold.since I won the race, it made me feel like I could do a lot, but sometimes you can’t always get what you want, like a pineapple smoothie.

2 thoughts on “My First Race

  1. Brigette, your memoir story is getting better, but it would still help if you proofread it a little bit more.

    Separate the different events into paragraphs, and remember to put a space between sentences (after the period) and capitalize all first words of sentences.

    Lastly, you could keep working on transitions to show how the different ideas are connected.

  2. Oh Brigette. I remember that race. It was fun. That wasn’t nice what Sean did. I hope you got your pineapple smoothie. The ending was the funniest for me. Hehehe. See you at school.

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