My Everyday Hero

My dad is my everyday hero. My dad said that he went to West Point and gradated in 1981. M dads name is Matthew.J.D. He lived in Florida as a child. My dad lived in Florida for a long time, I guess that is why he wanted to leave. He left Florida to become a physics teacher.  My dad quit being a physics teacher to see the world. while my dad was visiting the world, he met my mom.

Some difficulties that my dad had were while he was a physics teacher he had to stay at the school because he either ha to finish work, or stay with the kids who were bad. Since my dad had to stay at the school he wasn’t able to see his family, because he was far away from home. The steps he took to accomplishing his difficulties were quit¬† being a physics teacher, and he got married, had three children, and became a bodyguard.

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